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Auras Anónimas Auras Anonimas Beatriz Gonzalez Laura Jimenez Galvis
Commissioned photographer, head digital restorer and retoucher of the official image which documents Beatriz González's large scale in-situ installation Auras Anónimas at the Central Cemetery in Bogotá, Colombia.

This image shows in all sections of the resulting seven meter high-res stitched photograph.

Beatriz’s González’s Auras Anónimas is an in-situ installation located at the Columbarium of the Central Cemetery in Bogotá. It pays tribute to the numerous victims of the long-time armed conflict in Colombia.

I photographed the whole structure in the actual condition it was, after ten years of its original installation. By dividing the architectural structure in segments, I photographed numerous sections which were then seamlessly stitched and recomposed to be processed to conform the whole seven meter photographic sequence.

Extensive digital restoration took place as each of the 3000 drawings had to be cleaned up one by one, the floor had to be brushed and cleaned, columns had to be repainted to pure white, a yellow security tape had to be erased, and the wooden ceiling had to be digitally restored, among other procedures, as the structure showed heavy signs of deterioration as it was abandoned and at risk of being demolished.

After these photographs were taken –to conform this whole sequence–, in 2019 a decree was issued to declare Auras Anónimas a site of cultural interest, protecting it from further damage and proceeding to restoration and protection of both the work and the structure.