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Auras Anónimas Auras Anonimas Beatriz Gonzalez Laura Jimenez Galvis
Full view of the resulting 7 meter photograph (composed of 60 seamlessly stitched images) of the large scale in-situ installation Auras Anónimas by artist Beatriz González at the Central Cemetery in Bogotá, Colombia.

Auras Anónimas (Anonimous Auras) by Colombian artist Beatriz González is a monumental in-situ installation located at the columbarium of the Central Cemetery in Bogotá. It pays tribute to the numerous fatal victims of the long-time armed conflict in Colombia.

I photographed the whole structure by dividing it in numerous sections and processed each one of the photographs -a total amount of 60- which where seamlessly stitched together to conform the whole 7 meter sequence. Extensive digital restoration took place as each of the 3000 drawings had to be cleaned up as well as the architectural structure which currently shows heavy signs of deterioration and is currently at risk of being demolished.