Born in Bogotá, Colombia.

MFA in Studio Arts with emphasis in Photography, CUNY Hunter College, New York, N.Y.
Certificate in Large Format Photography, ICP International Center of Photography, New York, N.Y.
Bachelor of Fine Arts with minor in General History, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia.
Diploma in Costume Design for the Stage, Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia.


The photographical practice of artist Laura Jiménez Galvis explores notions of continuous and perennial transformation, through the exercise of capturing sections of objects found in art and natural history museums and manipulating the resulting paper prints. By cutting, creasing or folding, Jiménez Galvis converts these prints into new and uncanny objects, which stand, as a prop or a character, in the sets she then creates in her studio. These works often cross the boundaries of the purely photographical and enter the realm of drama and the stage, a subject to which Jiménez Galvis has been connected since early childhood. Galvis’ work is rooted in a concept she refers to as the new life of things, described as “taking broken or damaged parts from existing objects and converting them into new objects [props, characters, scenic elements]. What was a slice, a chunk, an injured part or just a section embodies through manual intervention a new physical presence; all my works are, in brief, a single project of renewal and transformation.”

Her projects Denial of Loss: The Romance of The Fragment and Revival of The Stone (and The Mountains Where They Belonged) were included in the latest version of ArtBo International Art Fair of Bogota (2015) as a part of Artecámara, a section dedicated to showcase the work of new talents in the field of contemporary visual arts and was included with a Special Mention in the Promising Emerging Artists Selection from Christie’s Education, New York (2015). Her work has been shown in Colombia and in New York City where she presented The Anatomy of M., a solo show in the Daily News Buliding, and where she was included in the 1st Biennial survey of work by New York MFA students and recent graduates, New Work, New York (2015).